Exploded View of Love

by S's

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Beyond the replicant sector of the dystopian music industry, Los Angeles-based S's [alias JEF 700S] transcend the parameters of "Experimental Noise," "Minimalism," "Synth Punk," etc. The result is the debut concept album, Exploded View of Love, an abstract soundtrack that fathoms a Post-Reality/Post-Empathy/Post-Human future.

A one-humanoid band, JEF 700S sings/screams while transmitting alien waveforms, broken robot percussion and ectoplasmic skronk from a device called the 3dK.

"Beautiful and obliterating noise... rage and tunefulness that gets deeper under the skin with every listen... the scream and the sweet falsetto both in full effect, one countering the other... extraordinary."
– Mark Roland: Electronic Sound Magazine [Issue 08]

"Exploded View Of Love will get people talking and will most certainly split opinions. It occasionally sounds like the results I would likely get if I left my teenage son alone in the house with a pile of mind altering drugs, a BBC sound effects disc and a basic recording device. I guarantee you won’t hear anything else like it this year, and when all’s said and done, that for me is the album’s defining statement."
– David Lack: Get Your Rock Out

"The highly conceptualised album takes a dystopian view on the current state of life, society and corporations. There’s a futuristic feel with a distinct William Gibsonesque view, especially on the future of love and sex. Intentionally not easy listening, ‘Exploded View of Love’ stands firmly in the leftfield. It also contains one of my favourite lyrics of the year so far - 'Sheeple who live in glass mansions, should not launch drones.'"
– StAn: Backseat Mafia

"From a masked, anonymous character based in LA called JEF 700S... highly conceptualised by post-human, dystopian themes and influenced musically by Pixies, Cabaret Voltaire, The Normal, Kraftwerk etc. He also takes inspiration from bleak Sci Fi films such as Eraserhead, THX 1138, Brazil and Blade Runner."
– Skip to the Good Hit:

“'Love Life’ is a 10 minute slice of pounding beats augmented by a claustrophobic video that sits as some vision of hell… Wonderfully relentless.”
– ei8htball

"Morphing experimental pseudo-robotica spilt with the intent of provoking thought, enhancing cerebral hallucinations and wanking off traditional routine and procedure this obscured mix of molten monochrome tones is no easy task for the dabbler of processed dinnage - that is always a positive point. The elusive emotional butterfly of love comes under the glare, as well as many other themes such as war, on-line sex and hypocrisy with all tangents done with baroque sincerity and unnerving application. Absorbed, saturated, squeezed out - the melodic fabric is there to tear, available to tread upon and make threadbare before a re-weave is needed - S's take up the task, grasp the needle of noise and give us a patchwork affair. I tread carefully!"
– Fungalpunk fungalpunknature.co.uk/FUNGALPUNK/CDReviews/Page%20100.html

Exploded View of Love, "Best of Music 2014" selection, Hunter T. Wolfe; Julian Cope Head Heritage Unsung Forum headheritage.co.uk/headtohead/unsung/topic/72304/threaded/912379


released October 13, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Lynch @ Mysterious Mammal, Los Angeles; November 2013 - March 2014

Co-produced by S's and Matt Lynch

All sounds/songs written/performed by JEF 700S




S's Los Angeles, California

JEF 700S [alias S's] sings/screams while transmitting alien waveforms, broken robot percussion and ectoplasmic skronk from a device called the 3dK.

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Track Name: Sex Machines
we are the robots
like a sex machine [4x]

we are the robots
like a sex machine [4x]

we are the robot...s
Track Name: Electric Friends
are electric friends
just pretend?
are electric friends
just pre-

tell me again
why where when?
should i delete
or hit send?

hello, next bend
see how you trend
shall we deny
or unfriend?

tell me again
why where when?
should i delete
or hit send?

goodbye, last venn
see how you trend
shall we deny
or unfriend?

Track Name: Unhaunted
sheeple who live in glass mansions
should not launch drones

con artists of the tattooed arms race
storm the magic kingdom in full cosplay
seek thy lord darth bat rat & prey
get your free rabies shot today

you’re unhaunted [2x]
not cool, cool, cool [2x]

c-c-c-c-catch the brain dead wave
zombironic corporatastic usa
duckface nation per click hipster hate
selfiesteem redeemed if you validate

you’re unhaunted [3x]
not cool, cool, cool [5x]
Track Name: Love Life
porn of war, we are
dying to get laid
& if we get off
throw no parade

no gun, no gas
no nuke, no freudian knife
stop, drop and love
the fuck out of life


face your mirror now
before the sun fades
we are the terror
i am afraid

space is screaming
it won’t be denied
into the other
outside the outside

Track Name: Strange Love
strange love
up above
weird light
in the night

clear glove
undreamed of
odd rhyme
out of time

got no cities
shot no people
bleed no oil
need no steeple [3x]
Track Name: NSFP BTFM
readymade reach around?

cyborg escort
zinc knees
free of fluids

now safe for play [2x]
control voltage unleashed
if you please

phantom moaning
finger buttons
chrome green

give up the ghost [2x]
burn the fucking manual

Track Name: Weapons Grade Love
deaf are our eyes
question your own

what are we doing
why are we killing
& there?
soon we’ll be leaving

blind be our ears
answer your own

what do you hope to
once we’ve run
out of dimes
get ready to crawl
to climb

don’t believe everything you think [3x]
& think [3x]

kill for peace
fuck for chastity
push to shove
weapons-grade love

blood on the moon
the poor billions
the rich few

drunk on new breath
death schemes
as your children are
torn at the seams
life is too short
they scream
Track Name: Rip Out Wires
i’m here to help
fuck shit up

i was a teenage content management
but my real function was to scramble every

rip out wires [2x]
only connection that works [2x]

she said
plug & play my filthy interface
upload me
i said
blow my motherboard apart
reboot me

rip out wires [2x]
only connection that works [3x]

spread your legs
& think of no one

i was a teenage content management
& i still exist just to hack into all

rip out wires [3x]
only connection that works [3x]

what? [4x]
Track Name: Pome
naked i swim
crawling through your soul
where the black waves
reach space
blue stars
watch us alight
born of snow
dreaming to drown
dying to know
fires of white
hot lava flow
two lost in kiss
to find one whole
taking this bliss
leaving a pome
Track Name: Exploded View of Love
i remember
orange as ember
comedown from upgrade
breath equalizer
death sympathizer
what wonder drugs we made

perfect defect
benign neglect
stars seen from above
culture jamming
exploded view of love

bright as neon
cold as freon
human minds once died
tears are what they cried

genuine fake
virtual wake
lost mortality